Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And ... relax ... JESUS, HOW BORING

I've given myself this week off work to clear my mind before having some new ideas (hopefully). Historiography/seminar/thesis all out the way - HURRAH! So, what to do now? Well for most of the week I've been sitting twiddling my thumbs and then inevitably going out drinking too much. When there aren't any decent gigs on, I don't actually have much in my life in Oxford except history. That's pretty damming. In light of this, there are 2 Good Things:

1. Good job history is so damn interesting.

2. Good job my parents have sky so I can watch cricket all day.

Itching to get back to the books though. Still it's good for me to take time off. Can someone please fill it for me now?


Anonymous Emperor in Volvo said...

It is 2 and a half hours long I admit. The car crash head massage combo is pretty hilarious though. No Werthers Originals sadly. Jurgen in ginger restyling.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Big pointy stick said...

If you've got so little to do you should be able to manage another post...

1:08 AM  

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