Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And ... relax ... JESUS, HOW BORING

I've given myself this week off work to clear my mind before having some new ideas (hopefully). Historiography/seminar/thesis all out the way - HURRAH! So, what to do now? Well for most of the week I've been sitting twiddling my thumbs and then inevitably going out drinking too much. When there aren't any decent gigs on, I don't actually have much in my life in Oxford except history. That's pretty damming. In light of this, there are 2 Good Things:

1. Good job history is so damn interesting.

2. Good job my parents have sky so I can watch cricket all day.

Itching to get back to the books though. Still it's good for me to take time off. Can someone please fill it for me now?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jerusalem on a Friday night

Crap party venue.

Was watching Dr Who the other day, with Ms Lipman as The Wire: 'feed me, feed me' she said. Speaking to Mr somethingfortheweakened half an hour later, he mentioned how alluring he had found Lipman's mumsy Jewishness. Didn't work for me, it must be said. She was wanting to suck your face off for a start - never that appealing. Anyway, I thought about it for a bit, and wondered what it was about her that allowed her to wheedle her way into the fancies of Mr Tervs (nearly called him Mr T then, that would have been a kindly error). Something to do with the disembodied nature of her character? Perhaps our Tervs is a bit of a perfectionist; he could imagine the perfect Lipman body to go with the mumsy voice, and thus the fact she had no corporal form made her that much more attractive; his imagination could run totally wild. So, piece of advice of the day - if wanting to capture the affections of the enigmatic Tervs, here's a checklist of dos and donts:

1. Mumsy (but not Nanny, Sonny and Girly) - tell his fortune in the Medieval Zone and he will be yours forever.

2. Jewery - preferably be Jewish, or have Jewish leanings, or like (and know how to make)chicken soup.

3. Court him over the phone: he can only be disappointed by the physical manifestation of your Mumsy Jewishness, so talk to him, don't see him.

4. Persuade him to feed you with his lovin'. Shouldn't be too difficult - randy bastard.

All in all, I think our Guy Piggy Perry might be appropriate: medieval, fake-Jewish, persuasive but sufficiently lazy to make phone contact the most appropriate.

I see a beautiful, if terrifying, friendship on the cards.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

no rex, not on the alfalfa

This post could be called: 'post-Cambridge missive' I suppose, but I think my title's better. Just been to Cambridge, where I watched The Producers, read a book about time-travelling, helped finish the Sunday Times crossword and ate chicken casserole.

Suddenly very tired. Thoughts of doing an interesting post are draining away, and I can only think of the end.

My new blog (which I mentioned ages ago, and no doubt all 3 of you have forgotten) is almost ready to be unveiled. end of next week I reckon. Maybe beginning of the week after. Bring on the bunting.

westwood on the sunday surgery. Too Much Hilarity: wrap it up before you slap it up. Classic.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I bet no-one's ever called you that before

A line that's been wandering around my head because of a rather nice song by a band called The A.M. Then, suddenly in the middle of nutty-rah horror at the KA someone in a very striped shirt said it to someone wearing cut-off gloves and something that looked like frilly gauze. It stuck in my mind. They faded into the random 'look at us we buy from cult-deigner-charity shops' quagmire. Striped man prefixed it with, 'oi, beautiful'. Classy. She simpered with a weird burbling giggle; no one has any taste anymore. Except me. And I dont have any socks left.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This machine can only swallow money

I am feeling a pawn in the hands of my academic masters. Bedford rules my life; I think about it almost all the time. Patterns. Always looking for patterns and motivation. I think we give people in history too much credit; when I vote I do so, if not randomly, then without a clear idea of any guiding ideology in my life. None of the parties represent my thoughts, and why should that have been different three hundred years ago? Why should people have had any more rational process than we do now? Just because we look at people in history through the objective eyes of scholarship, it doesn't mean that they were objective in their choices. We give too litte credit to what people might whimsically (sp??) think.

I am really very very happy, and it is because of just a few things: one, Sarah (as ever); two, the fact that my tutor told me today that what I was doing was imaginatively pushing boundaries in a way which hadn't been properly engaged with in the same way before; the fact that I actually feel I have something to offer the academic community even after only a few months working in it; the fact that 120 people came to my quiz and that they shut the fuck up when I told them to. All of this adds to transitory happiness. Financially, this is ruinous for me; loads of people seem to go through the retail therapy thing, and spend money when they feel shit. I spend money celebrating happiness. Perhaps a dose of sorrow would help the bank balance. Fancy telling me I crap at everything anyone???

Thursday, May 11, 2006

post-seminar laziness

Well the seminar went well; about 55mins of questions which were very useful on the whole. I am allowing myself a little time off today and I don't really know what to do with myself. Tum te tum. My lack of creativity is absolutely astonishing. Sorry.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

pre-seminar wobbles

Evenin' all.

Tomorrow I have to give a seminar paper on Bedford. I have to talk to people about all of the things that have been whizzing around inside my skull about that little non-entity of a town suspended somewhere in ebtween the Midlands, the South-East and East-Anglia. I haven't given a paper in front of important people before, so this is scarey. Must try not to gabble. Don't like the idea of people being able to ask questions really either. I'll say what I have to say and that's that. Apparently they'll buy me dinner afterwards, so that's good. But it's on the same day as Punt! Might not get to see much of Punt at all. Bah.

Couple of interesting gigs coming up for any oxfordites reading:

1. Fell City Girl / The Half Rabbits - this Thursday
2. Hot Chip - next Monday

Will try to have more inspirational post soon. My mind is full of Bedford.

Still listening to classical stuff mostly, particularly Brahms' Piano Quintet in F minor, which could be made into a WICKED post-punk thing if someone wanted.

Wozzeck remains slightly beyond me. A-tonal laughing. Hmmm, not sure about that at all.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

In 2 weeks time