Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I want to be on the beach

Today I have been struck by an odd and utterly compelling desire to be on the beach. I want to be sitting on a rock watching the sea.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back in the proverbial

Sorry for the brief hiatus of output - all down to stomach pain, general laziness and a lack of proper inspiration. Only one of those three has now been solved, but it seems to be enough to allow me to start splurging bile onto these fine pages once more. As ever when I come back after a break I have a few thoughts and observations, get ready Count Count.

1. (Ha Ha Ha) You set 'em up....

let's start with an easy target. Americans. I was wondering past the radcliffe Camera today in that head down, mind in research way that annoys those of a non-academic bent as they try to get around Oxford without being knocked down by a steam-roller of mental turmoil and physical obliviousness (is that a word?), when I heard the unmistakable rasping drawl of one of our long-lost cousins from across the pond.
"Gee, isn't it round" said the voice, seemingly unaware not only of her own stupidity but also the fingernails down blackboard squeel of her torturous accent. On one level the comment is fatuous, in a kind of 'EXTREME basic observation' way, and in another it's plain wrong - The Rad Cam is pissing cylindrical not round at all.

2. Why aren't there more funny women? there are some, obviously - note previous post - but not that many. Why?

3. redesign and find something calm

With the help of Sarah, I redesigned the way my room looks in college. It has given me a great sense of calm - perhaps you should do the same.