Friday, January 27, 2006


Must go to bed as London calls in the morning for a conference on urban history. I know how to have fun on a Saturday. Before I do, however, this is your call to come to what promises to be a great gig next Friday night: The Evenings + Barry and The Beachcombers + Mary's Garden + Rising Dragon. All at The Wheatsheaf. All amazing fun, supposedly. I'm 60% persuaded piggy to come too. A must see event.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What do you do in the bath?

Whilst in the shower this morning, I invented slippers.

Over the last few days, I've been sitting at my desk (under a window) with the coldness seeping through the glass and onto my feet. I thought about this problem in the shower this morning, and realised it wasn't as bad when I had shoes on. Wouldn't it be great, I thought, if there was a type of shoe that you could wear before you get dressed properly - I'll market that. Then I got out of the shower and saw my slippers. Oh well.

Bedford Update






Thursday, January 19, 2006

God exists on a night like this

One of my favourite nights out drinking for an age - haven't laughed so much for months.

Just got back from a night with Gidz, the erstwhile and dependable drinking partner of choice, Mike, of ex-Lisa fame whose mind is a wonderful thing to try to keep an eye on - very much fun. And also, for half the night, with Alice and friend (Hannah??), who I believe both know Daniel's sister Bex very well. This is odd.. Bex and friends are still 8 and running abot inconsiderately under our feet rather than happening to be in pubs. Ah well.I'm old now

Oh yeah, and you must all listen to the output of Eskimo Disco. I especially recommend the Final Contdown cover, as well as She Plays Her Game, Speakers Corner, What Is Woman, 7-11, Japenese Girl, and Let The Music. You should all have enough patience to listen to each song once, and please do so because I think this band is a very special one. No musical innovation but genuinely great pop songs. I like the 80s too, oh yes.

Curry is good for the stomach

I have had a sore stomach for days, and despite all sorts of efforts to eat healthily it still hurt. Then I had a curry. The curry God smiled on me. It isn't sore now. Wicked.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Are you hearing things?

And if so, what things?

In other words, what is your radio station of choice? I don't normally listen to music on the radio because most of the main music stations are shit, and confine myself to the joys of Radio 4, which is stunning at times, and monotonous at others.However, one of the wonderful things about being back at Lincoln is a decent internet connection and the wonders of radio stations I wouldn't otherwise be able to listen to.

I tried something about Owls for a bit, it was from America, Owl Radio or something. I've flitted around a couple of other things, but nothing made me come back to it very often. I was giving up on radio as laboured and ghastly. But I reckon I've cracked it. Yes kids, you should ALL be listening to resonance fm.

Musically, it is wonderfully different: at the moment I'm listening to Far Side Music's show all about Far Eastern music, and next month there's going to be a series of sessions curated by Tony Herrington from The Wire magazine, and well, I can't think of any other examples but there's lots of cool music. And some comedy too - Simon Munnery has just finished doing a show and Daniel Kitson has a show on Tuesday nights (Wednesday mornings really) and and and... It's all very good. Haven't heard any of the talky talky shows yet, and I think they might be a little arsey, but that's a random impression. Anyway, have a listen to it. That is all.

Monday, January 16, 2006

drink... feck... arse...


I have no milk left - which means I can't have any cheerios - and more than that, means I can't have any TEA. This is making me GRUMPY. Grumpy Dan is not the best sort of Dan.

Drink (2):

I taught Back-bar Pete a phrase about beer a few weeks ago which may be coming back to haunt those who work at the Turf, for which I am very sorry. I told him what was meant when a beer was said to be young or green. He hasn't had a pint since which he hasn't deemed young or green since.

Drink (3):

I may be biased, but I think the best beer you can get in Oxford comes from the Turf. So my task for you is: become a member of CAMERA and vote for the Turf in the pub of the year thingy.


I can't be bothered to do the next puzzle donkey puzzle.Or rather, I can't do it. Or rahter, I might be able to do it if I wasn't daunted by it - we will never know. Too many boxes and colours to be thinking about at the moment anyway.

Feck (2):

I've ranted about Camera and I told myself I wouldn't (edit: not any more I haven't)

Feck (3):

The spelling and syntax in the rant was probably horrid and I'm too tired to go back through it. (have just gone bcak through it, in the morning, and the spelling and syntax WAS horrid, and the rant WAS dull so have ignored it entirely.

Feck (4):

I promised to do a review of Gappy Tooth on 27th Jan, but I have competing interests: an urban history conference in London and a recording of David's new TV show thingy. Will probably have to forgo GTI and go to London for the weekend. So, if anyone wants to: a) see me when I'm in London b) review Gappy Tooth for me c) come to a recording of a tv show or d) get me some milk so I can have some tea ... I'd be grateful


Those of you who know me intimately will know my arse is a creation to be wondered at. But it doesn't shit at 90 degrees backwards. That's just wrong. Someone on my corridor shits at that extraordinary angle. There's shit everywhere in the toilet. I cleaned up sick at work today as well. Too many bodily fluids.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Missive from the 'bridge

This post is brought to you more in the spirit of a revival for the much loved format than being motivated by such considerations as "having anything to say". Does that make me post-modern, or post-post modern, I forget. Perhaps it makes me ancient. Nearly bought a book on Pity in Athenean democracy today - then realised it would be dull. Very nearly bought a book on archaeology of Islamic North-Africa, but then realised that although it was half price it was still £18 or something. Got even closer to buying CDs, but then bottled it. I'm loosing my purchasing courage. I'll bring down capitalism all on my own, just you wait and see. Actually, no I won't, that would be horrid. I likes my service/luxury based industries I does. Speaking of which, off for food in the not too distant future, so won't bore you further with shop(ping)-talk. Sorry, that was low, even for me. Well, not existant actually, but never mind...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Late Night Miscellanea

1. Ham and Emmental sandwiches from Boots are GOOD - they taste of neither of the ingredients, but that doesn't stop them being GOOD.

2. Ever fancied sending yourself an email? Probably not, but futureme is the 21st century's equivalent of crafting a knot in a hanky, and almost certainly just as useless, but I thought I'd mention it. You can write an email now that will be sent to your address at any point in the future. There are some crazy ideas out there...

3. One of which is Puzzle Donkey, which I'm sure you've all come across at some point, but I thought I'd remind you. They have a whole new set of puzzles up there since I last visited, and in the ten mins I gave it I could only do the first two. I did them in about thirty seconds, but then got very annoyed with number three. Too many colours I tell you. Nearly wrote thee then, I'll become some horrid Kaiser Chiefs' lyricist before I know it. Disgusting faux-olde habit.

4. Speaking of music, everyone's (well not quite everyone) favourite song-smith, Luke-Smith has, it appears, got a backing band from somewhere for a new album, which can be seen (and bought from) Beautiful Jo Records homepage. Some old, some new songs on there - those of you who went to Truck last year have probably already heard of it but never mind - no one told me.

5. I think the time has come for me to listen to more METAL music: in a tentative, fey and indie way, obviously. And preferably metal without the silly shouting - it's as bad as opera. Someone suggest something.

6. I have a theme for next week's quiz, and because of this I am God.

Time to go to bed and finish my Morse book - I think he's got the wrong man, but we shall see - no one's good enough for my Morsey.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Comedy again, but in lecture form

As some of you may be aware, comedy God Armando Ianucci (take a deep breath and prepare to fill in the gaps which I'm sure are there: The Mary Whiteshouse Experience, On The Hour, Knowing Me Knowing You, The Day Today, I'm Alan Partridge, The Armando Iannuci Show, Friday Night Armistace, Saturday Night Armistace, um, Armando Ianucci's Charm Offensive, and most recently The Thick Of It - there must be more) has a visiting chair at Oxford this year as News International Visiting Professor of Broadcast Media, and part of this will involve doing a short lecture series. The lecture series is open to the public for all those of you who aren't at Oxford University and takes place at 5.30 on Tuesdays this term. I plan on going to them, and if anyone else fancies it, then drop me a line.

In other news, I've only just woken up - this is naughty.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Like a UFO you came to me

When the requisite people to fulfill the role of the alien in Lennon's song aren't around, chocolate biscuits and tea are quite good.

Putting cheques into a bank is oddly fulfilling as well - the money, of course isn't there immediately, but that doesn't stop me spending it does it? No no.

Poor old Alastair has been in the wars a little recently. A couple of bonks on the noggin, or so we hear. And that's not as much fun as it sounds. So apparently he can't eat solids because of a severely swollen jaw - that'll teach him for lingering in contemplation of Chicken Cottage's distressing offerings. Poor guy. So all sorts of messages of good will should flow to his website - you have your task for the day.

Finally, a Bedford note: I've found a Jimmy Saville and a Tommy Cooper in my trawl through eighteenth-century voters which is good - but too many John Smyths. I can't tell who is who. Most frustrating.


I forgot I'm Alan Partidge.

I am therefore a fool.

More communications presently.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hi again

I'm back. Back at Lincoln, and back doing the blog. So much to talk about I really don't have the energy/space/time, so here's something I've been thinking about today - I'm sure I'll get onto the rest at some point.

Sitcoms. For various reasons I've been thinking about sitcoms quite a lot recently. Perhaps something to do with having Paramount comedy on tap. Anyway, in response to a particularly bitchy and silly thread on cook'd and bomb'd, here's my top 10 sitcoms of all time. In case anyone's interested:

1. Fawlty Towers - ok so there are only 12 of them, but they are perfect.
2. The Simpsons - would have taken the number 1 spot, had it not been for some stonkingly bad episodes
3. Yes (Prime)Minister - Never really understood the argument that there was a quality difference between the two varients. Best wordy comedy.
4. Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin - towering central performance (like FT).
5. Blackadder - history and comedy, the two best things in the world, together at the same time.
6. Seinfeld - intricate and superb.
7. Arrested Development - chaotic, wonderfully paced, utterly enthralling.
8. Father Ted - can people have more fun as priests? I highly doubt it.
9. Peep Show - ok, a little nepotism here, I but I think it deserves to be up there somewhere, and the characterisation is immaculate. A great mix of genres within it too, from cringe to slapstick by one-liners and surrealism. The final episode of the third series is particularly special in all these respects.
10. The Office - perhaps Gervais has been shown to be a bit of a one trick pony after The Office, but I think The Christmas Special shows it all at its best - and at its best it is on a different level to most that has been produced.

Honourable mentions must go to (in no particualr order) Cheers, Fraiser, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Young Ones, Bilko (which kept me going at lunchtimes when I was off school ill), Scrubs (which can be shockingly brilliant), South Park, MASH (for being more than a sitcom) and I suppose Family Guy has its moments.

So there. Now you all know what to watch, I have decreed.

For the moment you should all listen to: Wire - Chairs Missing

And you should all read: the Colin Dexter Morse series. They're grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat.