Monday, December 12, 2005

onwards and upwards and towards christmas

I'm living at home now, and the broadband there is so slow in comparison with the lovely uni connection that I can't really be bothered to post as often as you have all become used to. Anyway. What's been happening? Well, Harold Pinter has inexplicably won the Nobel Prize for literature after writing some very boring plays, and has taken it as an opportunity to rant on tv for about an hour. The only interesting thing about his rant being that there was something relevant to Habermas in it, but I've forgotten what - I'll have to get hold of a transcript from somewhere.

Went to see Sexy B's last ever gig which was appropriately nostalgic and at times wonderful. All good fun, but quite appropriately they weren't as good as once they were.

Philip's here now, so I'm going for lunch

Sunday, December 04, 2005

End of Term

but I'm still working - the wonder of graduate life. Essay for Tuesday, but needs to be completed tomorrow, and I've really only done a couple of days' work on it. Not good enough I say. The main reason for this is I've been working on Habermas - the wonderful German 1960s sociologist. We discussed him at length on Thursday before going to the India Garden for curry. Curry ok. Other people (undergrads I hasten to add) in the area: twats. Anyway. Oh yes, and my towns and cities compilation kept me from work for a bit. Here's the track listing, just in case anyone's interested:

Hot Hot Heat - Naked in The City Again
Interpol - NYC
Pavement - Zurich is Stained
Liars - We Live NE of Compton
Tom Waits - Singapore
Nick Cave and The Badseeds - Tupelo
Killing Joke - Tiahuanaco
Lambchop - Being Tyler
Lone Pigeon - Maragamoroco
Lemonjelly - In The Bath
Charles Ives - The Housatonic At Stockbridge
Elliot Carter - View of the Capitol from the Library of Congress
Mystic Chords of Memory - Berry Creek Falls
Cat Stevens - Lady d'Arbanville
Lou Reed - New York Telephone Conversation
John Cale - Adalaide
Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town
Ella Fitzgerald - Manhattan
The Beatles with Tony Sheridan - Kansas City
Simon and Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair
New College Choir - Once In Royal David's City

Bit of Christmas Cheer at the end there. Anyway, back to the online searching.