Sunday, October 30, 2005

Missive from Cambridge

That old fave, the missive from Cambridge is back again. Sarah has a TV this year, so I've spent possibly too much time in front of it this weekend. Exceptionally good Morse, I thought, on Saturday, and followed by a live-action Asterix film starring Gerard Frenchman as Obelix. Very funny. Very good.

It was bizarre going through Bedford on the way, like coming face to face with a hero of yours. although, of course, Bedford is not my hero, merely my self-imposed obsession. If anyone has anything interesting to tell me about Bedford (especially if it is about Bedford in the c.18th then I'd be very, well, intersted.

Question of the Day: Why don't we all move to Canada? It doesn't seem to be actually involved in the real-world (which might well be a good thing) and there's a huge amount of S P A C E for everyone, which would be lovely considering the stodgy sweat-camp nature of Cambridge this Saturday (and indeed the X5 on the way here). And everyone I've met from Canada (amounting to a total of, oooh, 5 or 6 people) has been lovely. So why don't we all go there? Once again the cyber-postcard beckons you all.

Music: Have bought 2 new albums: My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything; and more excitingly Jon Cale's Vintage Violence. Haven't listened to them yet though. Will report forthwith.

In the next installment: music critiques, beer festival critique and critique of my critiques. Good.

Thursday, October 27, 2005



It seems Bedford and I are destined to be. Although I thought there was a pretty wank source-base and not much going on, apparently what I've found equates to more years of work than I can do in the year of my masters and will send me sailing into the latter parts of my D Phil sans probleme. Bedford refreshes the places other small-eighteenth-century-towns-in-the-general-economic-hinterland-of-London-can't-reach, apparently. Basically, my tutor was excited that I found all these sources and had identified these (I thought pretty obvious) arenas of conflict, and he was practically bouncing from his chair telling me how wonderful it all was. And I think he might have persuaded me. Certainly, I continuing to study Bedford. And I think I might have found some more sources in Oxford for Bedford, so I don't have to spend half my life on the X5. Which is good. Printed out an eighteenth century map of Bedfordshire today which has helped me feel more at home there.

Speaking of the X5 (seemless link), I'm going to see Sarah on Thursday. (apparently Sarah is the non Jewish form of Sara. Something to do with God and the letter h. Applies to Abraham as well apparently. I did not know this and do not understand.) Anyway, Sarah: YAY! oooh. Thinking about it, spending time in Bedford would make me closer to Cambrudge than I habitually am. This would be A Good Thing.

Music: Might have mentioned my distaste for Cazals in the last post. I feel I should stress this once more. Writtten a reivew (which should hopefully be on oxfordbands quite soon) and this hopefully expresses my distaste. Did get free Haribo at the gig though. Thus Sarah gets a preset this weekend.

Speaking of food (I'm getting good at this). I tried the sausage and mash place on Walton street today. Just a little too cool. Just a little too expensive. Nice sausages, but was it really three pounds better than Taha's favoutie saus-mash in the Turf? Probably not actually. Whether that says more about The Turf or Walton street is a moot point. Whichever way round, I think square-head and I would have been better off going to Le Petit Blanc for lunch instead. It would have been cheaper for two courses. And we only had one at this place. Filling, but not amazing.

Music again: been relistening to the album Marquee Moon by Television, and continue to be blown away by it. Beautiful, simple guitar work makes it such a joy to listen to. The guitars are so lyrical in a way modern guitar music fails to be. They don't have to be on one of the extremes: wailing sound-scape or aggressive instruments, they can sing(god that sounds a bit Tap - waistband, quicksand - been in my head recently for some reason). People sometimes forget that. And I'm not talking singing in a screachy Metal Machine Music way (an album I must get hold of again).

That'll do for now - it's 2.15 in the morning. Can't be bothered to change the clock each time I post and it seems to keep reverting to Tongo time or something, so it never looks like the time it is when I actually post. Do you see? Perhaps not.

good night.

will tell people about this soon.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

White supremacist pop

A strange day. Got some work done I suppose, but basically it was useless. Hopefully I can put an end to all the silly Bedford talk after my tutorial tomorrow. This would please me hugely. I reckon I now know about as much as anyone on the planet about eighteenth century Bedford. Not convinced I want to know any more.

In other news, this scares me a little.

In music news, ignore Cazals. If you ever have a chance to see them, don't.

Chucklemunter is the word of the moment.

One person has discovered the blog. Will tell others of it soon.

Monday, October 24, 2005

you know you're tired when... open a milk bottle, thing, plastic whatsy with milk in it, and then take off the seal and discard the top instead of the seal leaving you with 4 pints of milk and no top. Or rather a top in the bin.

And you know you're tired when you can't be bothered to try to make up a joke about a seal being in the milk. with a nose and flippers. Do you see? l.

And you know you're tired when you can't be bothered to reach across to your bedside table to pick up the tea which was the moptivation behind said milk disaster in the first place, and it's sitting there getting cold.

And you know you're tired when... suggestions please. On the back of a hypothetical postcard.

Ring of fire

Not only is this a poor reference to a very childish conversation Piggy, Alastair, Jo and I were having the other day, it is also the name of a dubious drinking game I ended up playing at the Turf last night. It appears to incorporate elements of other known drinking games into one, in an attempt to make you drink even more than you would do anyway. I've always thought such things were utterly unnecessary for Turfies - they're all quite drunk enough anyway.

Feeling happier today, which is good, and I'm listening to The Wall, which is also good - but odd combos of good there. I'm sure you see.

Bonza. Off for lunch. As befits my munching status.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

back on track

Or possibly 'online' would have been a better title.

I'm in a bad mood, but I shouldn't be. Sometimes people say things and it makes me in a bad mood, not because the things are true, but because they aren't and it annoys me that they have been said - things that you want to but can't defend yourself against. And can't, I must stress, not because they are true but because they are impossible to argue about. Does that make any sense? It's all a bit odd, and all sounding a lot more serious than it should.

So, why shouldn't I be in a bad mood? Well, first of all, I'm back online. Hurrah. This is a good thing. Without a doubt. It means I can post more trash on this blog. Which I still haven't told anyone about, and I should I suppose, but just at the moment I'm enjoying the anonymity, or rather the secrecy of it all. A bit like a diary. So why aren't I writing a diary? Good question, and I have no answer. Actually, yes I do, it's because diaries devolve into self-accusation and self-conscious egotism (if that isn't some horrid tautology, which I suspect it is) and all I want to do is empty my head of what's in it ona regular basis without having to think up fictional character and place names.

Actually, thinking about it, being online is one of the few things that is keeping me happy at the moment. I become less and less happy about me, if that makes any sense. About being me. Self-confidence never been one of my strengths. Anyway, heading towards diary territory there, work is being a bit of a bitch. Bollocks to bitchy work. Bedford. Working on Bedford at the moment, but it isn't being very forthcoming. Well, actually, it is, but in a very offhand way. Too complicated to explain.

These things (blogs that is) shouldn't be about rambling. I should have had a point to which I should have stuck fervently. But I didn't at the beginning and I don't now. So there. And indeed, so I'll stop. 'till tomorrow.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Sell sell sell

Just returned from Freshers' Fiar, the sweaty, agressive thing that it is. Signed up for badminton, imsoc and quiz society. I only joined the last because the guy shouted "you're the one from the Turf, the one who does the quiz. You have to sign up." I believed him. All the freshers' drinks sessions for the 3 clubs are next wednesday, as is the beginning of term party for my seminar group. And I've promised to work it at the pub, so that could be interesting.

So I'm nearly at the end of what can only be described as a bit of a hellish freshers' week - lots of people telling me I have to come and get drunk in order ot meet people, and then I only talk to boring ones and the ones I already know. I have the last series of meetings tonight: hurrah. Then the dinner, which will probably be ok as long as my college advisor is alright - meeting him beforehand.

Still haven't got my oxford email account sorted, which is annoying me.

Sold all my Katie Holmes shares in celebdaq, just before they crashed and burned - made a tidy packet as she's now preggers. Wondering, slightly belatedly if the link to celebdaq I gave on my last post will allow anyone who clicks on it to trade on my behalf. I hope not.

I feel very old. Phillip does too. He was telling me. I don't want to go out drinking every night. I quite like the idea of a night in with a cup of tea having a nice chat. I am old. An old and cynical and boring D Phil student who spends his time playing celebdaq. Hey hum.

Book of the Day: Urbane and Rustic England: Cultural Ties and Social Spheres in the Provinces 1660-1780
Music: Suitable Case For Treatment - Plenty More Neurologists in the Sea
Fruit juice of the day: Pineapple.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Back in the saddle

Sometimes there's just not enough going on in your life and you have to start another blog to give you some sort of focus. The same goes for games of celebdaq. Sometimes, as with this blog and my latest, utterly unsuccessful, attempt to barter with celebrity shares, there's so much happening in your life that you have to try to escape from it all and waste some time on the internet. So here I am again.

My title, dear reader, does not just apply to writing blogs and playing celebdaq, it's also about being a student again. I've just embarked on the first year of a course which will give me lots of shiny letters which will be nice. It'll take three years to get there though.

That'll do for now. I have other posts lined up in my head, but I must get to bed - I have freshers' fair tomorrow. The thrill of it all.

Book of the day: Politics and Society in Great Yarmouth 1660-1722 by Perry Gauci
Music: Godspeed You Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
Sandwich of the day: Egg mayo and tomato